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As a Real Estate Agent, you know how important it is to be on the Internet. Reliable sources have shown that more and more Home Buyers are going online to search for houses.  Home Sellers are also going to the Internet to see where you have listed their property online.  But, if  people search for YOU online, what will they find?  Will they even find your name in a search?

You know that you want to get on the Internet with your own domain and web page. That way, you can  send your customers and clients directly to your own web site as well as get email sent directly to you at your own Internet name!  

The questions you may be asking are "How much is it going to cost me?" and "How do I compete with the advertising budgets of the big sites, the large independants and franchises...even with my own company?".


 The real estate firm  that I work for already had a page for me, under the Our Team tag.  The URL (internet  address) of that site is   http://www.MyCompany.com/our-team-detail.php?select=###

My MLS provider has also provided me with a free website, something called a VOW (Virtual Office Website).
The internet address of the VOW site from my MLS provider looks like: http:/vow.MyMLSProvider.com/myid# !

So I have my own pages on the web, already hosted for me.  But what an address!  Not too easy to tell a customer. And is that the "dot com" you want  to put on your business card.?

Breaking News! We received an email from 1&1 Hosting.  50% off offer extended on Home (2 included domains), Business (3 included domains)and Developer Hosting Plans (5 incuded domains).  Note Private Domain Registration is Included!

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 If you have either a company page or a free VOW from your MLS provider,   
YOU can do what I did.  You can get your own domain name at a domain registrar like  GODADDY. Just click here  Sale! $7.49 .com at Go Daddy GoDaddy.com 120x60
 to buy your domain name. 
Then forward that name so that it points to your personal page on the "MyCompany - Our-Team-Page...  or to your free MLS VOW   (Using the free Forwarding and Masking option at GODADDY).   If you have two differet sites, your company site and your MLS VOW, then just get two names. 
(You can only a domain name to one address on the web.) You may be surprised at how really low it costs.

In doing this, I found a way to offer other real estate agents the same opportunity to
personalize their presence on the internet by getting their own domain name and save a few dollars at the same time.

 When you click on the link of the search box, below, you'll be connected to the GODADDY site, where you can buy a DOT .COM domain name at a discount from their  regular retail price .

 Just enter the domain name that you would like to register in the Search Box below and click on the Search button .  You will find out if that name is available for you to purchase, after which you will do so directly on the GODADDY site.

You will make your purchase at their secure site

With each domain name purchase, you will get free EXTRAS, such as:

Online Photo Filer
Quick Blogcast
Hosting with Website Builder
Personalized Email Account (Here is where you get your own email address!)
Starter Web Page
Getting Started Guide
Domain Forwarding and Masking
(Set this up so customers can find YOU online.)

Read more information below the Search Box to find out what to do if someone else has already registered the name you wanted.


Find a domain name now!
.com .us .biz .info .net .org .ws .name .tv .cc .de .jp .be .at .uk .nz .cn .tw

Don't forget to bookmark this page! You never know when you will want to find our latest offers.


For many real estate agents, their first choice is their own name.   Because only one person can have any particular domain name, you might find that someone else has already bought the  dot COM  (.com) version of your name.  You might  be able to buy that name with a different ending,, such as dot NET(.net) or dot INFO (.info) . There are some internet gurus who say that might not be such a good idea because most people go online and search for the dot COM  first, so  your clients will end up at someone else's site!

If you can not get your first choice name, another altenative is to brand yourself.  Are you the local expert condominium specialist or waterfront specialist for a particular development or niche?  You can decide for yourself.

Most experts will say that dot COM  (.com) is probably the best choice for business. When and if you go to sell or retire, which will be more more valuable,  myname.com or condorealestatespecialist.com?  In that case, you should  pick a distintive domain name that people will remember.

Finally,  anyone can take advantage of this link and get the savings.  If you are a MLS member and are going to use the VOW, I strongly suggest that you download their training manual "Virtual Office Website"from their website  and sign up for one of the free "VOW" course that they offer.  You can access both under the Training tab at their website after you log in.

If you belong to another service , that offers you the opportunity to have your own VOW or BLOG, you're welcome to use this link to buy your domain name here.

Some real estate offices and franchises offer their agents a free page on the company website.  You can buy another name and point it to that page.  Ask the Webmaster for the company site for the URL of your page.  Generally you can see the full address in the top bar on the page.

When building your site, be sure to follow all of your state's real estate license rules as well as your office or franchise policy on properly
identifying yourself as a real estate licensee and adveritising.

So you can see that you have come to the right place to learn how you, as a real estate agent might get online for not too much money.

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